A Complete Guide to Buying the Best Shower Head Speaker

Best Shower Head SpeakerA shower head speaker is a regular shower head, but with a shower speaker on its heart.

The shower speaker is removable, and was designed to fit directly within the shower head.
Best Shower Head Speaker Reviewed – Price & Rating


KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker
Bluetooth Showerhead$$$4.4

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Showerhead$$$4.7

Facilla Modern 8" ABS Rain Shower Head Wireless Speaker Bluetooth
Bluetooth Showerhead$$4.2

Bluetooth Shower Speaker, TaoTronics® Water Resistant Portable Wireless Shower Speaker Crisp Sound
Bluetooth Showerhead$$4.2

AquaAudio Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Stereo
Bluetooth Speaker$4.1

The AquaAudio™ Cubo - Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Strong Suction Cup
Bluetooth Speaker$4.1

It has magnets which hold the speaker in its place, which makes the process of pop in and remove the shower speaker, something easy and fast. You might want to remove the shower speaker to recharge its batteries.

Turn your regular shower into a stage, or a news channel. Have you ever thought about listening to music while you shower? But not music coming from your radio or cell phone; we are talking about music coming straight out from your shower!

There´s no need to turn your TV loud enough for you to hear some important news you were waiting for; now you can listen to any radio station anytime you want, or, listen to your favorite tunes or your favorite track list.

Imagine this… You, in your shower, listening your favorite songs, nice and clear, while you sing along and shower. Now this dream can come true!

Still not sure what we are talking about? Well, you want to introduce you the shower head speaker; your shower won´t be just a shower, it will add music, fun and your personal touch to your shower time. Now you won´t feel like you´re wasting your time while you shower, for example, you will be able to shower and listen to the news; shower and answer to your calls if you want to. Everything will be much easier.

What is a shower head speaker?


But how can I listen to music coming out straight from my shower head? Simple; Bluetooth technology. It allows you to connect wirelessly to your computer, IPhone, Android, or any other advice compatible with this technology. Just connect the advice you´ve chosen, and play your favorite tracks.

And, another important aspect considering a shower speaker is that it can be removed and used outside the shower head the way you want.

Where can I find a shower speaker? How much will it cost me?

Shower speaker can be found especially on Amazon where they have an enormous variety of colors, shapes and brans. But, if you are an old fashion buyer; you can go to any specialized physical store and look around for the best option for you. The price can go from $40,00 to $100,00 or more; it will depend on the settings and options your shower speaker will offer you.

What are the advantages of a shower speaker? Why should I get one?

Do you love singing in the shower? Do you feel something is missing while you are showering? Does your shower seem boring to you? If your answer to all of these questions was yes; then you should definitely buy a shower head speaker. Not convinced yet? Check out this list of advantages that we have made for you:

  • Listen to music and sing along in the shower. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can pick up a song, or a list, or even a radio station to listen to while you shower. No more turning on your radio and had to listen to whatever it plays; now you have the control during your shower.
  • Music directly to you. You don´t have to worry about the volume; the music goes straight you, clearer and louder, very different from those waterproof speaker.
  • Improve your singing. Everyone loves singing in the privacy of their showers; so why do not make it more real and fun?
  • The shower speaker is portable. Your shower speaker can not only be used in the shower; you can take it outside or wherever you want.
  • I´s modern and practical. Save time squeezing in a podcast whilst you shower.

How do I find the best speaker shower head for me?

If you are really considering buying a  shower head speaker, there are a few things you need to think about before buying one. Settings like volume, battery, shower spray and battery are very important and we will show you why.  Check off this list for you to buy the perfect shower head speaker for you, and do not regret:

  • Volume control and sound quality. You need to check if the shower head speaker you are considering buying has a way to increase or decrease the volume from the shower head, so you won´t have to leave the shower to do so. You also need to check the sound quality reading information and users reviewers; you don´t want to buy a speakers shower head with bad sound quality, do you?
  • Make you’re your chosen one has a long run time battery, so you won´t have to charge it very often. Some brands can last for seven hours, make sure you won´t regret.
  • Shower spray. Remember that first of all, you´re buying a shower head. It´s main function is to provide you a great shower spray, so your shower will be relaxing and satisfying. Read all the information and instruction to make sure you´ll have not only music, but also a great experience during your shower.
  • You don´t want to pay for a shower speaker which works only when you fit it in the shower head, do you?

Well, now that you can´t wait to have your own speaker shower head and sing and dance in the shower, we´ll show you the top 3 speaker shower heads:

1. KOHLER Showerhead and Wireless Speakerkohler wireless speaker

This shower head speaker will make you sing like there´s no tomorrow. You can sync any advice you want, in a simple and easy way; no complications. Its battery lasts until 7 hours, and it has a 1 year limited warranty. Take a look for more details:

  • Its wireless speaker can be used not only in the shower head, but also outside;
  • It syncs with Bluetooth any enable device you want, located up to 32 feet away;
  • Wireless speaker pops in and out the showerhead pretty easily, and
  • It is wall mounted;
  • It has a harmonic distortion; 1.5 watts at 1kHz with < 1% distortion, which means you´ll listen to your songs nice and clear;
  • Finish: Polished Chrome;
  • Pattern: Rain.

You can buy this modern shower head speaker on Amazon for $99.99.

2. AquaAudio Ultra-Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless SpeakersAquaAudio Ultra-Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

With these speakers your showering will never be the same again! While you listen to your favorites tunes, you can answer your calls from your shower! How cool is that? It also comes in three different colors: pink, black and white. Check for more information:

  • It comes with suction cup for showers, bathroom, pool, boat, car, beach, outdoor etc.,
  • It is compatible with any device with Bluetooth capability;
  • Its battery lasts until 6 hours;
  • It works just like your phone or computer, you can skip tracks directly from the speakers;
  • You can answer to your calls, and
  • Please, keep in mind that these speakers were designed for use in wet locations, but do not immerse it in water;
  • It is great for boats, pools, baths, anywhere with water around.

Pick the color you want and have fun! You can buy this top of line speakers on Amazon for $127,85.

3. Facilla Modern 8″ ABS Rain Shower Head Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Phone Chrome Music Facilla Modern 8" ABS Rain Shower Head Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Phone Chrome Music

This rain shower head will turn your showering into an amazing experience. You will have not only music playing while you shower, but you can also pick a color to match your bathroom. Relax and enjoy your showering listening to your favorite songs, and, don´t worry about missing an important call! Take a look at its specifications:

  • It includes a rain shower head and a wireless speaker Bluetooth;
  • It takes only 4 hours to charge;
  • It is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets.
  • You can answer to your calls while showering;
  • You will feel like you´re outside standing in the rain, but with music playing.

If you are amazed with this shower head speaker, that´s because you haven´t seen its beautiful and modern design. For only $49.45, you can buy it on Amazon, and turn your shower into a studio!

We hope these tips were useful for you, especially if you´re considering to improve your showering. You can assure you that you won´t regret once you put some music in your shower. So, if you´ve made up your mind, make sure to look for information and read the product descriptions; costumer´s reviews can also help you with your choice.

As you could notice, there are many different models and brands of theses speakers shower heads, so all you have to do is to look carefully to make sure you´ll buy exactly what you need or are looking for. And, as we said before, remember that these speakers shower heads must not only play music, but also have the setting and options for a good shower; your showering experience must be complete!